“The Indian American dream: Defining identity, happiness and career success in 2012″


Jan. 1, 2013, The International Indian

Young Indian Americans launching their careers in 2012 have choices.

On paper, the options may seem bleak. In spite of the 3.1 million jobs created in the last year and a half, a report published by the Economic Policy Institute titled “The Class of 2012: Labor market for young graduates remains grim” reveals just that.

The report explains that new grads across America will struggle for the next decade with the ability to advance in the job market and to achieve high earning potential.

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“Data Center Down – The Crash Blog Series”


Crash – formerly know as Data Center #1 in the “Data Center Down!” video – is the infamous server rack that took a plunge off of San Jose City Hall. Crash is now traveling the world to share the Symantec disaster recovery story.

Nov. 26, 2012: “Oracle Open World

Jan. 7, 2013: “VCS is cool or what!

Feb. 14, 2013: “Vegas, Vitamins and Veritas Cluster Server

March 18, 2013: “IT Justice League, assemble! Part 1 of 2

May 1, 2013: “IT Justice League, assemble! Part 2 of 2

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Author James McMurtry Longo describes himself as a 19th century man stuck in the 21st century. “I don’t know how I got here,” he says, “but here I am.”

With the release of a new book on the horizon, he enlisted my help in developing a website to showcase his past and present work.

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“From genesis to journey”

Autumn 2012, University of Dayton Magazine

A social worker who has devoted 35 years to strengthening Atlanta’s most vulnerable and destitute population doesn’t have a career — she has a calling.

“I’ve been able to see how fragile life really is,” says BreNita Jackson McCord of her experiences in ministry and health administration.

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